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FinOps Advisors specializes in Accounting, Finance and Operational functions for rapidly growing businesses. Services include: financial reporting, cash flow forecasting, budgeting, bookkeeping, data analytics, ERP implementation and optimization, compensation agreements, continuity planning and general management consulting.

But what makes us different is how we use this data to help you arrive at the most important KPI(s) that help you be more effective, efficient, and profitable. You save time and money, empowered with the right data to drive your business forward.

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With a combined 35 years of experience, we know what it takes to provide accurate and actionable metrics that help you run your business more effectively.  

Clark Bigler

Founder | Managing Partner

Clark founded FinOps Advisors with the goal of building a system to help companies use financial data to make operational change.

Dereck Brotherson

Partner | Financial Reporting

Dereck brings a diverse background of private, public, and GAAP expertise in accounting.

Keith Madsen

Partner | Financial Reporting

Keith’s experiences with GAAP, KPI reporting, and financial analyses enable stakeholders to make key and timely decisions. 


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Client Testimonials

One of the greatest advantages of working with FinOps has been the communication between our ops team and their team. It’s really given our ops team a much deeper insight into what our different products are, how much contribution and profit they’re making, and they’ve been able to help us adjust those things so that we are creating as much profitability as possible to really help our companies to improve.

So I think for any CEO who’s considering using FinOps, my advice would be I know it’s tempting to try and do everything in-house and there’s this belief we’re going to save all this money by doing it ourselves. I think the real challenge with that is that FinOps has built out all these processes and procedures. They’ve built up the culture of their team so that they can just plug right in and give us a ton of value and expertise. That’s very hard to build in-house on our own. And so far FinOps has been amazing where we’ve been able to plug them into new businesses that we’ve started and they’ve been able to immediately add value by giving us the information that we need to make much better decisions across the company.

Jay Davis

CEO & Founder , Pillow Cube | Creatably

Before I started working with Fin Ops Advisors, I was personally doing a lot of financial analysis on projects. Oftentimes it was middle of the night or on the weekends that I would have to work on some of these financial models. One of the biggest time savers is that the individuals at Fin Ops are up to speed on our process.  It really has sped up our time spent between iterations on different models and financial analysis.

And, there’ve been multiple instances where FinOps advisors has helped me make strategic financial decisions. I’m getting what I would call CFO or senior controller level support at a very fair and reasonable price.

They were quickly able to grasp what our needs were and even outperform what we were previously able to accomplish.

Layne Thompson

Founder | Partner, MTN Origins

We’ve gotten so much more than just traditional bookkeeping or, QuickBooks management. They’ve been as close to an in-house partner as we could have hoped for. What I love about working with Fin Ops is that whenever we have something that we need help with, whether it’s directly related to accounting or not, they’re quick with the referral or to introduce us to someone who can help us out.

We’re not just another client to them, and we’ve never felt like just another client to them. And when you go through so many service providers, which can be exhausting, it’s really a fantastic thing to find. One that wants to invest in your business, wants to understand what your goals and priorities are and puts in the effort to do that.

And I can say with 100% confidence that pin ops is that partner, and that’s why we recommend them to everyone that we work with. And anyone who’s looking for accounting support.

Russell York

Founder | CEO, COSMO Technologies

Case Study


Pillow Cube sees big gains in Blended ROAS

After a meteoric rise in revenue in 2020, Pillow Cube began to see a material decline in Blended Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in the first half of 2021. The largest challenge for Pillow Cube was that every marketing agency reported a favorable ROAS, yet once the numbers came in for the accounting close, the numbers did not match. FinOps Advisors was contracted in the summer of 2021 to begin reporting on critical KPI’s and assisting the internal accounting team with the close. Within the first month, it became clear that there were serious reporting issues with the marketing agencies contracted to perform on ad strategies. Since the summer of 2021 Pillow Cube has improved ROAS by 122% with the strategic help of FinOps Advisors.

Strategic KPIs make the difference

Pillow Cube’s first step to making the necessary changes to become more profitable was KNOWING how its channels were performing. Pillow Cube began receiving a strategic KPI report daily and reviewing the results with the experts at FinOps. With this knowledge, Pillow Cube was able to work with FinOps to identify underperforming agencies and divert resources to the channels and agencies that perform at the highest level. The daily KPI report allows the organization’s leaders to see their organization’s Daily, Monthly, and Yearly performance and compare it to their desired benchmarks in a matter of seconds.

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